“Growth is a funny concept. It becomes a synonym for change, choice, substitution, uninterest, being mature, being more serious. We often say that change is always tough, painful, and comes at a cost of comfort. We brush the conversation under the carpet very conveniently, saying this is what you have worked hard for, this is what you want. Growth should not be any of the above things in my honest opinion. It’s, not growth if it doesn’t give you a feeling of fulfillment, pride, inspiration, a feeling of being secure at the moment, and I would urge you to understand…

“Once upon a time, there lived a little girl, who was pampered by everyone with books, from around the world.”

Yes, no points for guessing, who that little girl was, it was me. As a kid, I got into stories, when my grandpa used to tell it to me every night. As I grew older, I found myself in the enchanted lands of pixies and stardust, when I discovered Enid Blyton and her amazing works. For me, those books were in itself a doorway to all these magical lands, where whatever you believed in was true.

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Soon enough, I had…

Get your job done faster. Some common column fixes right here!

I have struggled far and beyond to search and find basic code utilities to perform on columns on a Python-Pandas Dataframe.

I was so surprised to see that more often than not if I searched for a particular function, it took me 2 to 3 trials to get them to produce my desired output.

I am sure just like me any other beginner would feel the same amount of frustration and spend so many futile hours searching for the missing piece.

While building logic is definitely required, having a reference to run up to is also not that bad.


I promise this is not a “how-to on baking yum treats 101”.

Credit: romanakr

Hello everyone!

I understand that the title may be a tad bit misleading but you will understand just in a bit that it’s not.

“What pops up in the head, when you think about cupcakes and croissants?”

~ Breakfast, a nice sunny morning, maybe a Paris cafe, some music, the smell of coffee maybe!

This blog is exactly about this, finding the little things in life and romanticizing them, and bringing joy back into our monotonous lives. A little wordplay made you smile and almost smell these freshly baked goods, so why not make normal exciting?

Imagery as it is…

Data Has A Better Idea

Hi guys, if you have read my previous blog (If not, find it here), you have probably seen that Big Data Analytics is the talk of the town, and walk of the industries. Everyone is trying to leverage this powerful tool to catapult their business into success, increase revenue, and gain global recognition.

IBM maintains that businesses around the world generate nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily! Almost 90% of the global data has been produced in the last 2 years alone.

Big data” is high-volume, velocity, and variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing…

Is feminism just a fancy word? Are feminists a threat to society? Is demanding an equal right, equal voice, equal vision, and equal pay really that bizarre?

Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

A young Jane rushed past the slow-moving revolving doors as she entered into the hallway, into the sea of people wearing blue and black blazers. These people going past each other decided the market and the stock exchange, each person completely unaware of the other had an earpiece stuck in their ear. Jane swiftly moving rushed past the verifying authorities with a swipe of id on each door, to reach her floor. As…

Why is it so difficult to get yourself rid of expectations? Why does it always have to be the next thing? Why does happiness have to belong in some imaginary land?

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

Imagine being a perfectly healthy and well individual with good self-esteem, friends, and family, but being unhappy. And what for? because even though you have this, your competitor just got promoted and now you are sad, someone went for a vacation and now you are sad… why does your happiness need to lie somewhere else? Why do you see happiness in pictures and videos of other people’s Instagram and…

Here’s my take on answering the top 5 questions i.e what? when? why? how? where? on the latest technologies that every software developer should be aware of!

Let’s start :

1.Big Data Analytics


:- Big Data helps organizations to create new growth opportunities and entirely new categories of companies that can combine and analyze huge amounts of industry data. These companies have ample information about the products and services, buyers and suppliers, consumer preferences that can be captured and analyzed.

“ I am alone. I sit in the darkroom on the ledge near the window. The skin of the grills of the window is battered with the colors of black iron and brown rust. The sky is grey and extremely still, I sit in my pajamas holding my knees close to my chest, the loose strands of my hair gently brushing against my face with the wind that is bringing in the smell of wet soil. I see a spark of lightning and hear a rumble of thunder, miles away. My life has been a roller coaster ride, last year…

Is the hurricane on its way?

What is the butterfly effect?

In simple words, an example could be that if a butterfly somewhere in some corner of the world, flutters its wings, this act may cause a hurricane somewhere else.

Weird right?


In chaos theory, basically a minute or almost a negligible change in the environment such as the flutter of butterfly’s wings may be deterministic for a certain event in the larger scale of reference. It was given by Lorenz.

Hence, the name “The Butterfly Effect”.

What does it mean metaphorically?

Metaphorically speaking, if you were to introspect and relate yourself with this effect. It would mean that every little thing you do, whether good or…

Isha Thakur

Just your regular writer ! 😏

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